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About Tom Fergus

Tom Fergus has been a professional independent claims adjuster since 1990. Clients include insurance companies that provide physical damage coverage for all types of commercial trucks, trailers, buses, fire & rescue apparatus, cranes and off-road construction and forestry equipment in Northern New England.

Tom is an expert on the mechanical functions of most types of diesel powered equipment. He has repair shop experience in gasoline and diesel engine mechanics, body damage repair, frame and alignment, and refinishing. Educated, intelligent, and of high moral character, Tom represents his clients as their in-the-field customer service representative with impartiality and integrity.

Negotiating is one of Tom's talents. On average, where claim payment savings is measurable, customers save 29% on the submitted claim amount, without sacrificing quality of repair or safety, while providing cost-efficient service.

Tom achieves his clients' confidence through knowledgeable, professional service and comprehensive, expedient claims handling.

Tom covers Northern New England and update New York; that is a large area. Tom uses his motorhome as a mobile office and travels with his wife as driver so that he is able to do paperwork literally while on the road. 

Watch a video of the mobile office in many locations from Northern Maine to Upstate New York.

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